Peter M (Director, PVET Institute. Trainer & Assessor)

Early in his career, Peter has worked in the fields of Electronic Engineering and computers. He has been production and sales manager in a number of Electronic and computer companies; among some of his strengths were in the area of staff training. In the late 1980’s Peter moved from engineering, working from an employer, to self-employment. His keen desire to continue in the areas of training led him to start a Driving School, hence he established Peters Driving School and North Shore Driving School, to train novice drivers. Over the years, the driving school expanded and for the need of quality trainers for his school, he sought to expand the driving school to include training for driving instructors. At this point, the company that Peter owned was called North Shore Peters Driving School. Peter has also established PVET Institute with the intention of providing new driving instructors with the skills and knowledge to teach young people safe driving for life.

Sherif A (Trainer & Assessor)

Sherif has completed a Bachelor of Civil Engineering in 1984. He has successfully completed Induction Training in Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) in 2003 and obtained Certificate IV in Business Management in 2005. Sherif holds TLI41216 Certificate IV in Transport and Logistics (Road Transport Car Driving Instruction) and TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.

Robert K (Trainer & Assessor)

Robert’s qualifications include a Bachelor of Science and a Diploma of Education (Secondary) from the University of Sydney. Robert is an experienced secondary mathematics teacher. He is a member of the Teachers Federation and classified as an approved member of the Catholic Education Office by the NSW Department of Education. In addition, he is accredited as a proprietor/examiner by the Institute of Automotive Mechanical Engineers. He is a highly valued to our organisation not only for his knowledge and skill as a trainer and assessor but also for his enthusiasm and dedication.

Zoe H (Trainer & Assessor)

Zoe has an extremely professional approach to training. Previously, Zoe has extensive experience in the Medical Science field. She is very passionate and confident with her teaching as she has long teaching experience earlier in her life. She is continuing her efforts to be actively involved with the Keys2Drive program of the Australian Automobile Association (AAA) and further training to improve her license and her professional driving experiences.

Michael C (Trainer & Assessor)

Michael has been a professional driving instructor and trainer within the industry for 20 years and has extensive knowledge of the industry. He has worked with many established driver training businesses and is regarded as one of the most professional and knowledgable trainers in the industry.

Cathie R (Trainer & Assessor)

Cathie was employed by the Roads and Maritime Services for 39 years, demonstrating excellence in delivery of customer service to customers and colleagues. Excelling in areas of interpersonal skills, communication skills and time management, Cathie became a driving instructor so that she could use her vast experience and knowledge to teach safe driving to young people.

Steve T (Trainer & Assessor)

Steve spent 12 years training new police officers for highway patrol at the Goulburn Police Academy. He then became a driving instructor and established 6th Gear Motoring. His wealth of knowledge and experience in driver training shows in his professionalism and approach to driving instructor training.

Sam F (Trainer & Assessor)

Sam has vast experience in training and teaching safe driving to young people. He has owned and operated his own driving school on the Sunshine Coast and now operates in Sydney’s South.

Christie O (Trainer & Assessor)

Christie has been working with PVET Institute since 2009, specialising in compliance within the organisation and training including the driving instructor course and TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. Christie holds a double Diploma in Vocational Education and Training and Diploma of Training Design and Development.

Andy M (Trainer & Assessor)

Andy has extensive experience as a trainer. He currently works with PVET Institute as a trainer and assessor and driving instructor. His wealth of knowledge and experience makes him an ideal trainer.

Andrew H (Trainer & Assessor)

Andrew previously worked as a physiotherapist and trainer in physiotherapy in Australia and overseas. His experience as a trainer make him an idea driving instructor trainer.